Waterland FC is a Soccer club in USA (NY). Waterland FC welcome the soccer lovers (ages 6-18) who are interested to become a professional soccer player.

Our mission and goals are developing players and building teams who compete at their highest level and build up every single player as a soccer star. Our Soccer club developed to provide dynamic environment where players can develop soccer skills, social skills, coordination, confidence and self- esteem built on a solid foundation.

In Waterland FC every soccer players has the right to receive the best possible soccer training, we respect individual players and allow them to develop their individual qualities and allow the players to be creative.

SoccerCric warmly welcomes all children into our program

Regardless of developmental progress or skill level

Soccer with SoccerCric

Soccer Cric warmly welcomes all children into our program regardless of developmental progress or skill level. We provide kids’ program that is fundamentally whole and outrageously fun for children and their families. Children have fun in a friendly manner, without competition or pressure to win.

Why soccer is good for your kids?

Soccer is a simple game that kids of any age and either gender can play. Physical stature is unimportant, making the game suitable for children of all shapes and sizes. As a result, soccer is a very inclusive sport, and it provides numerous physical and social benefits.

Why Join Soccercric?

Soccer encompasses fun indoor activities for kids that are:

  • Non-competitive and non-elite
  • Continuing your child’s development with increased physical and social skill sets
  • Encouraging children to develop and participate in sport
  • Building team interaction
  • Developing your child through soccer
What We Do

Soccer Cric offers Soccer and Cricket activities to meet the developmental needs of children between ages 2-7. See our programs to find the program that is right for your child. We tailor our activities, games, and drill to the specific age group.

Our Method

Soccer Cric’s method of teaching develops motor skills and problem solving skills, and helps improve the communication and creative skills children will use in the field and outside of the field.








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